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Ray Walters

  • From Oxfordshire
  • Proposed by Ann Prosser, seconded by Finley Malton
  • Gamekeeper, deer manager and a builder and decorator
  • BASC member for over 30 years

I live with my wife near Bicester, in Oxfordshire.

I am a gamekeeper and deer manager on a local privately-owned estate. The estate has a syndicate pheasant shoot and we shoot 100-bird days. All our shot game is prepared on site and sold to local butchers, farm shops and restaurants. Our venison is supplied to a local game dealer. It is important to myself and my boss that no shot game or venison is wasted.

My team of working gun dogs picks up on local shoots 30-50 days a season.

I also run a property maintenance business that runs alongside my other commitments.

As a school governor at our local primary school I am at present directly involved in the recruitment of a new head teacher. I am also a bell ringer at our local church.

The countryside, its workings and its perception by those who are unfamiliar with it, is something very close to my heart. Myself, my children and my grandchildren live in and enjoy the countryside around us and through my work as a  school governor, I seek to inform and educate the children and adults about the countryside we live in, as well as where our food comes from and the benefits of wild game.

I am particularly concerned with what happens to our shot game and am keen to do all I can to ensure that all game finds a place in the food chain.

If elected to council, I would strive to be a voice of reason and would ensure that the membership of ordinary country people like myself are represented and understood by our organisation and others outside the organisation.

I am passionate about my way of life and want to make sure that everything possible is done to protect that way of life for generations to come.

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