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– Members of Council 2019/20

Elected members of Council 2019/20

Alasdair Mitchell (Northumberland) Elected 2018. National seat.

Professor Ann Mortimer (Yorkshire) Elected 2015. National seat.

Cara Richardson (Inverness-shire) Elected 2016. National Seat.

Carl Woodall (West Midlands) Elected 2018. National seat.

Claire Sadler (London) Elected 2018. National seat.

Eoghan Cameron (Aberdeenshire) Elected 2017. Scottish seat.

Martyn Jones (Wrexham) Elected 2015. National seat.

Oliver McCullough (County Down) Elected 2015. Northern Ireland seat.

Paul Shaw (Derbyshire) Elected 2017. National seat.

Peter Watson (Wrexham) Elected 2017. Welsh seat.

Robin Marshall-Ball (Wiltshire) Elected 2016. England seat.

Sally-Anne Cockerill (Devon) Elected 2015. National seat.

Sarah Turner (Devon) Elected 2015. National seat.

Council members completing first term and able to stand for re-election

Ian Grindy (Lancashire) Elected 2014. National seat.

Council members concluding their second term and unable to stand for re-election

Peter Glenser QC (Norfolk) Re-elected 2014. National seat.


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