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Jonathan Davis

  • From Nottinghamshire
  • Proposed by Rachel Carrie, seconded by Claire Wright
  • Gamekeeper
  • BASC member for five years

I am a lifelong countryman with a deep-seated passion for all things shooting and conservation, much of which has been passed down through several generations of my family, most of whom were also keepers, river bailiffs or farmers. My philosophy has always been to leave the countryside each day in a better condition than I found it. I’ve been extremely active in the industry trying to promote ladies’ shooting, bringing youngsters to the sport and providing opportunities for complete novices to experience the countryside. I had to break from keepering to join the Royal Navy as a submariner. This taught me to be calm, rational and to have respect; it was a huge departure from the fields and woodland of Lincolnshire and I longed to get back to a rural life.

I’ve never really been a conformist and hope to see the industry move away from the image of shooting being for the elite. While I enjoy a day shooting game, I’m just as happy in a pigeon hide, a deer hide or out at night lamping for foxes and strongly believe that everyone is equal, regardless of your choice of country sport. The main driving force behind me running for Council is a desire to give every member a voice. I’m known for always having my phone on and that simply won’t change. BASC is a membership organisation and only by giving everyone a voice can it truly work for all.

From a beater to a game Gun, airgunner to pest controller, long range shooter to picker-up, my drive comes from giving you all a voice. If the organisation isn’t working for you, I want to know and will do whatever I can to rectify that.

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