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Ian Coghill

  • From Shropshire
  • Proposed by Peter Hollies, seconded by Philip John Cordrey
  • Retired director Environmental Services
  • BASC member for over 40 years

Who am I and what do I know about? I’ve shot game and wildfowl for 50 years. I’m a member of several wildfowling clubs and chairman of one. I run my own small shoot and am in two other syndicates. I’ve been chairman of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) for eight years and a trustee on and off for nearly 25 years. I first became a member of WAGBI, as BASC then was, when John Anderton ran it. I’ve written, spoken, debated and argued the case for shooting whenever the need or opportunity has arisen. It is my view that shooting sports are in considerable danger and that BASC must play a central role in their defence if they are to survive in a recognisable form.

I believe I can use the skills and knowledge acquired over a lifetime defending shooting and in particular from my time at GWCT, to help BASC meet the huge challenges that lie ahead.

Much as we enjoy our sport, I believe that defending properly conducted game shooting and wildfowling is not an exercise in self-interest, but essential for the good of the countryside. Without shooting, the British countryside’s environment, economy and culture would be profoundly damaged. I further believe that the decent, honest and humane people with whom I share my sport deserve a voice and deserve to be listened to and that providing that voice is central to the purpose of BASC in these challenging times.

Whether I am elected or not, I will continue to work tirelessly to protect what we all hold dear.

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