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Duncan Greaves

  • From York
  • Proposed by Olivia Greaves seconded by Michael Anthony Roberts
  • Self-employed
  • BASC member for 35 years

My shooting background is heavily involved in clay and game shooting and I still participate in both aspects of the sport.

I have previously served on BASC Council for 15 years and in that time have helped the Association raise its profile with many initiatives – the Proficiency Award scheme, Young Shots and Ladies Days as well as many bespoke training courses. I also attend every major game fair throughout the UK with the BASC shotgun coaching line. Safety and best practice continue to be the core subjects, bad practice in the shooting field still happens today and I am vehemently against “big bag” commercial days. People seem to forget that shooting game is for food and not target practice. Burning or dumping game carcasses is totally unacceptable and ultimately will do nothing more than damage our sport. BASC produces a wide range of codes of practice and some shoot managers would do well to read the codes on respect for quarry and the Code of Good Shooting Practice. However, some shoots seem to let greed take precedence over ethics.

Whatever our views, we are all members of BASC for the good of the sport and not just the insurance cover. Together we are strong and that’s why shooting survives – we should all put something back into the sport we love and that is another reason I am standing for election again. I have extensive knowledge of how BASC operates as a business and many of the key personnel that work there. The work that BASC Council does on your behalf to promote and protect shooting is outstanding and as a member of Council, my door would always be open to members who wish to discuss any problems or concerns regarding our Association or our sport. Remember, Council members are elected by you to serve you.

That is what I will continue to do should you elect me to Council this year.

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