Crufts never disappoints

This year’s Crufts was a different experience than in previous years. Maybe because I am older and looking at it from a more mature perspective.

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Perfectly Presented

With the shooting season coming to an end soon, many pickers up are introducing their young gundogs to retrieving game and having them sit behind the drive to observe experienced dogs work the field.

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Listen to your trainer!

Most of my training has come from listening and watching my mum with her dogs and her trainees and attending training days and sessions with dog clubs.

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About the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Following on from my last article about the Irish Water Spaniel, my next breed of interest is the Chesapeake Bay retriever or more affectionately known as the Chessie.

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The Unsung Hero Of The Shoot

Following my first article about picking up and having the experience of many shoot days from a young age, I have discovered that very little acknowledgement is given to the game cart and its driver.

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