Farm shoot…with Mark Newham

Young Shots Journalist Edward Lyon interviews a young shoot manager and friend, Mark Newman, about his experience of running a pheasant shoot.

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Picking up the apron

BASC Young Shots Journalist Edward Lyon never had much interest in cooking. However, looking for things to do during Covid-19 lockdown, he realised that cooking is an essential part of getting the game he shoots from field to fork – something he’s very passionate about. He decided to try preparing a game pie and the result was much better than he expected.

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Lockdown plan of survival

The current lockdown situation is disrupting many people’s lives but is absolutely necessary in order to overcome this virus, says Edward Lyon.

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Fox in the chicken coop

BASC Young Shot Edward Lyon writes about the importance of pest control during lambing season and vitality of keeping dogs under control.

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First gun

Young Shots journalist Edward Lyon writes about choosing his first gun and how important it is to take your time and always buy from reputable gun shops.

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My first game experience

On 30 November, I got my first invitation to a game day from my friend Jacob. I was keen to take my gun out and experience pheasant shooting.

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Setting yourself a target

In April this year, many young farmers came together at clay grounds around England and Wales for the county competitions.

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