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Airgunforum meet

Make a note in your diary now for the annual airgunforum meet on the last weekend of August (31 Aug – 2 Sept) at Nomads HFT and Shooting Club in Berrow Green, Worcestershire WR6 6PL.

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The airgunforum has been going for over 12 years, has around 38,000 registered members and has held an annual meet for the last six years. Anyone is welcome to attend.

That said, we are limited to 50 places for members who wish to camp on site – with a barbecue on each night – and a bonfire to get warm and chat around. Camping costs just £20 per person and includes the barbeque!

We hold a charity raffle at each event and this year it’s to raise donations for Acorns Children’s Hospice, which offers support for families who have children with life-changing and life-threatening illnesses. Last year, we raised £1,000 for the chosen charity.

Raffle prizes are donated by businesses within the shooting industry, with some very generous prizes made by various companies – BASC has donated a package of prizes for the last couple of years.

There are several competitions that members can take part in, including a full HFT course, where shooters of all levels of skill and ability can have a go at what we call the Hunter FUN Target on a world-class course. There are prizes and trophies for the winners.

There are also six-metre outdoor Bell targets, again for seasoned shooters and first-timers alike, with the winner getting a prize and bragging rights.

There’s also a long-shot competition, where the shooter takes five shots at a target sheet set at an unknown distance – and the closest to the bull wins.

Occasionally, we also provide what we call a ‘seek and destroy’ stand. This is where individual shooters stand at a shooting area blindfolded, and a small target is hidden somewhere in the trees. When the blindfold is removed the shooter has a minute to locate the target and shoot it.

For the shooters who can’t, or don’t wish to shoot the competitions, there is a plinking range where everyone can sit at benches and shoot at a variety of targets for as long as they like… some members even bring night vision gear for plinking after dark!

We expect between 40 and 60 members to attend this year – with some camping for the weekend – and others just attending for the Saturday competitions and raffle.

The atmosphere at the event is brilliant, with everyone meeting up with old friends or making new ones, and a great time is had by all.

So, make a note in your diary to attend… you’ll regret it if you don’t!

Carl Clayton.


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