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Photo of Dr Matthew Ellis
Dr Matthew Ellis Head of Science

Matthew Ellis has joined BASC following completion of a BSc (Hons) in zoology and a PhD in pheasant ecology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in a number of countryside sports including rough shooting, wood pigeon shooting and stalking. He also enjoys photography, and is a keen amateur entomologist.

Photo of Jane Hatton
Jane Hatton Training and Evaluation Officer

Jane’s primary responsibility is the BASC Shotgun Coach Award and our team of BASC Shotgun Coaches, organising training, assessment days, coaching lines and related events such as Safe Shot across the country. Jane is a qualified A1 assessor, trained in evaluation and she is also one of our few female BASC Accredited Shotgun Coaches.

Jane enjoys working her Large Munsterlander, shotgun shooting and shopping – not particularly in that order!

Photo of David Ilsley
David Ilsley Head of Marketing & Membership Services

David Ilsley is BASC’s Head of Marketing & Membership Services. His main shooting interests are airgunning and pigeon shooting, and also spends over 20 days a year beating on local shoots.

David has worked at BASC since 1995 and has been shooting for over 30 years.

Photo of Nick Lane
Nick Lane Senior Training & Development Quality Assurance Officer

After a successful 27 year career in the Army I joined BASC in 2005 as the Training Officer initially responsible for the Wild Game Meat Hygiene programme. As the Senior Training Development & Quality Assurance Officer, responsibilities now include the Deer Assessment Centre, delivery of various training programmes to members, development of curriculums and course material, evaluating training providers, supporting various aspects of the Training & Education dept. programme, and the development of Training Policy documents departmental and Association, along with training for the BASC commercial department.

A lifelong interest and passion in deer, rifle shooting and the training of deer and related subjects, along with a lifelong interest in air rifle shooting, game shooting and fly fishing, particularly wild brown trout river fishing. recently has become interested in wildlife photography, in particular deer and bird photography.

Photo of Dr Peter Marshall
Dr Peter Marshall Head of Training and Education

Joining the BASC team in 2004 with a degree in Zoology and a PhD in Population biology, at Leicester University and Dundee University respectively, Peter initially worked in the Research Department before taking on the role of Director of Shooting Standards in 2007.

He is now responsible for setting the standards within shooting sports, training, coaching, education and introducing young people to shooting through BASC’s young shots programme. He has a great love of most forms of shooting, acquired whilst growing up in the Cambridgeshire fens, although he is particularly interested in wildfowling, rough shooting and fishing.

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