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About the airgun team

BASC now has a team which represents the interests of airgunners across the UK.

This team’s remit is not only to offer greater membership service and guidance, but also to work hard to ensure there are no unfair or unjust restrictions on the legitimate ownership and use of airguns.

To help safeguard the future of the sport, the group aims to improve standards and attitudes.

The group’s key responsibilities are to:

  • Make legislative representation at government and parliamentary level
  • Monitor legal and technical issues relating to airguns
  • Liaise with airgun media, trade and consumer bodies
  • Help airgunners find clubs
  • Provide guidance on obtaining written shooting agreements with farmers
  • Provide advice on club management and club structure
  • Assist clubs with issues concerning consent to shoot on areas designated as locally, nationally and internationally protected for their conservation features.
  • Facilitate the training of airgun coaches and provide access to airgun coaching
  • Deliver airgun-related events and training
  • Advise on pest control
  • Maintain and promote the BASC Airgun Code of Practice and set standards
  • Research and provide solutions to threats against airgun use and possession

Telephone enquires – 01244 573000 and ask to speak to a member of the Airgun team or click here to email.

Become an Airgun Member of BASC

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