BASC Scotland has welcomed official figures which show the number of offences involving airguns has dropped from 427 in 2009/10 to 233 in 2010/11.  This follows a strong downward trend in offences over a five year period showing a decline of 66% in the number of offences since 2006/07.

Nicolle Hamilton of BASC Scotland said:

“We congratulate the Government and the police on these welcome statistics showing that crimes involving firearms are at their lowest in a decade.  At a time when legitimate and law-abiding target shooters and pest controllers are being threatened with a potentially costly licensing scheme, the news that airgun crime has reduced by 45% in the past year alone is to be applauded.  It clearly demonstrates that the existing extensive legislative powers the police have to catch criminals misusing these guns are working and a bureaucratic licensing scheme is completely unnecessary. Airguns are a vital part of target shooting and pest control in Scotland and the overwhelming majority are used sensibly, lawfully and responsibly.”