What is the minimum age you can own or purchase an air rifle?
Under which one of the following circumstances would it be safe to load an airgun?
When should the safety catch on an airgun be taken off?
Putting a loaded and closed airgun down is
The safest way to pass a break barrel airgun to someone else is
How should pellets and airguns be stored as a matter of best practice?
Which of the following is the best way to transport an airgun in a vehicle when not in use?
When picking up an airgun, your first action should be
It is important to follow the airgun code of practice when shooting because...
Which of the following is the correct way to cock a break barrel or lever cocking airgun?
What is the maximum distance a pellet from an airgun can travel and still inflict injury?
What measures can you take to reduce safety risks when shooting in a popular countryside area well used by the general public?
If you are approached by a member of the public while shooting squirrels, you should
Name three types of airgun other than spring-piston?
Air rifle safety quiz
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