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BASC Policy on Lead Ammunition

1. General

BASC will vigorously oppose any unwarranted restrictions on the use of lead ammunition. Discussions and decisions about possible restriction must fully involve shooting interests to ensure that social, environmental and economic consequences are taken fully into account by decision makers. The justification for any proposed restriction must be clear, substantial and science-based.

2. Working with others

(i) BASC is committed to continue working in partnership with shooting, conservation and land management organisations on lead ammunition and alternatives. At a European and flyway level, BASC will work closely with FACE to promote this policy. At home, BASC will continue to work with kindred bodies through the Code of Good Shooting Practice.

ii) BASC will continue to collaborate with the proof authorities, research institutions, cartridge and gun makers, as well as gun shops and retail outlets, to ensure that safe, effective, environmentally acceptable and affordable non-lead ammunition is available where needed.

(iii) BASC will work with statutory, non-governmental and land management organisations to ensure that all legal provisions and regulations are science-driven, proportionate and practical.

(iv) BASC, with other shooting organisations, supports the work of the Defra and Food Standards Agency Lead Ammunition Group. This is reviewing the scientific evidence on environmental and health impacts of lead shot through risk assessments prior to giving advice to Ministers.

3. The law on lead shot

(i) BASC will use its best endeavours to promote understanding and compliance with all laws applying to the use of lead shot in the United Kingdom.

(ii) BASC will promote the policy set down in the Code of Good Shooting Practice that “Shoot managers must ensure Guns comply with the relevant regulations restricting the use of lead shot” and that “In order to avoid lead shot contamination of wetlands important for feeding waterfowl, non-lead shot should be used for game and pest shooting over such wetlands.”

(iii) BASC will incorporate references to the law and how to comply with it, into all appropriate BASC codes of practice, best practice guidance and publications.

4. Information and advice

(i) BASC will promote awareness and understanding of the safe and effective use of lead and non-lead ammunition among its members, the shooting community, and those with responsibility for the management of land used for shooting.

(ii) BASC will continue monitoring, assessing and commenting on evidence relating to the impacts of lead ammunition, including risks to human health, the environment, efficacy of non-lead ammunition; and will provide advice accordingly.


17 May 2012

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