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BASC Policy on Lead Ammunition

BASC confirms its position with regard to lead ammunition: no sound evidence, no change. Any regulation must be thoroughly justified by the science, level of risk and quantified using sound evidence, delivered through rigorous and robust process. This must comply with the Principles of Good Regulation. This will ensure that social, environmental and economic consequences are taken fully into account.

BASC recognises that there are risks to humans and wildlife from lead, but for shooting these risks can be managed, mitigated or eradicated with targeted and proportionate measures. Such measures include compliance with the law on the use of lead shot, the Code of Good Shooting Practice, adherence to Food Standards Agency advice and effective processing by those who handle game meat. The evidence shows that proper processing of game meat eradicates the risk. BASC will continue to work with sister organisations and statutory agencies for compliance with the law on the use of lead shot.


Law on lead ammunition

Code of Good Shooting Practice

FSA advice


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