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BASC Council and Constitution and Objects

Constitution and Objects

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Limited (BASC) was founded in 1908 by Stanley Duncan, fzs (hon) as the Wildfowlers’ Association of Great Britain and Ireland (WAGBI). The name of the Association was changed to BASC in 1981.

The Objects of the Association are essentially to:

  1. act as a representative body for all sporting shooting
  2. promote and safeguard all sporting shooting
  3. represent all engaged in such sport
  4. promote conservation and scientific research and other matters connected with such sport in accordance with the ethics of good sportsmanship
  5. uphold and maintain the legitimate interest of members …in particular with regard to…legislation (on) the use of firearms…and the lawful right of every member to shoot at sporting quarry with any (appropriate) firearm.


(a) The BASC vision is:

“To ensure a guaranteed future for responsible shooting sports in all their diversity as a widely enjoyed – and important – part of the life and economy of the country.”


The BASC mission is threefold:

(a)  to promote and protect sporting shooting and the well-being of the natural environment throughout the United Kingdom and overseas

(b) to represent members’ interests by providing an effective and unified voice for sporting shooting, provide individual services to members and others, and

(c) to act for the benefit of the community by promoting  practical habitat conservation, wildfowl, game and deer management, good firearm licensing practice, best practice, education and scientific research.


BASC has six Strategic Objectives:

(a) an effective and unified voice for shooting

(b) all party backing for shooting

(c) balanced comment in the media

(d) continued opportunity to go shooting i.e. having place, quarry and gun, and opportunity

(e) high standards

(f) good governance

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