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BASC Council, Vision, Mission and Strategic Outcomes


To ensure a guaranteed future for sustainable shooting sports in all their diversity as a widely enjoyed and important part of the environment, economy and culture.


To promote and protect sporting shooting and advocate the benefits it brings to the natural environment throughout the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

To represent members’ interests by providing an effective and unified voice for sustainable shooting sports and individual services.

To act for the benefit of the community through education, the promotion of scientific research, best practice in: firearms licensing, habitat conservation and wildlife and game management.

To promote the benefits of game as food.

In order to achieve these BASC will:

Achieve / Enhance / Exploit

BASC must create and maintain ‘all party’ political consensus in support of sustainable shooting sports and the conservation benefits derived from the shooting sector.  Critical to success is public perception and endorsement across key opinion formers.

Protect / Sustain / Utilise

BASC must protect and enhance its credibility, financial strength and power base of members, staff and Council.  Enhance the reputation of BASC as the UK’s leading shooting and conservation organisation.


The following strategic outcomes combine to build success:

  • Cross party political support: Preservation and expansion of political support.
  • Increased membership: A significant growth in the number of members and the engagement of those members in support of shooting and conservation.
  • Sustainability & public acceptance: The provision of food and conservation through shooting recognised by the public as an acceptable and sustainable activity.
  • Conservation: BASC respected as a leading conservation body.
  • Sector wide approach: A coherent pan-organisational strategy to sustain shooting sports.
  • BASC brand: Enhanced BASC brand respected as the authoritative voice for shooting and conservation
  • Standards: BASC ‘centre of excellence’ as an attitude of mind:
    • Internal efficiency, high standards and high morale
    • Best Practice understood and exercised across the sector.


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