BASC square logo87% of responses to a Scottish Government consultation on plans to license airguns have rejected the idea, according to an independent analysis published today.

The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) said the result was a resounding rejection of the proposals.

Nicolle Hamilton of BASC Scotland said:  “The Scottish Government sought the views of the general public on this issue and an overwhelming majority have made their opinions clear.  It is now time for these ridiculous proposals to be shelved.  Crimes involving airguns are down 71% in the past five years, which clearly demonstrates that the current approach of education and enforcement of existing legislation is working well. Airguns are already well regulated by law. A licensing system would place unnecessary burdens on police time and budgets, would only be taken up by already law-abiding airgun users, and would have little effect on criminal misuse.”

BASC Scotland is pressing the Government to conduct a thorough Business Regulatory Impact Assessment to establish what the real effects of a licensing system would be across all sectors of the economy including the police, farm pest control, target shooting sports and sporting goods traders.

BASC Scotland will attend the Government’s petitions committee on 3rd September where a petition against airgun licensing in Scotland, which has received over 14,500 signatures, will be heard.

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