More than 14,000 pupils across the UK were introduced to game meat in 2018, thanks to Taste of Game and the Game Changer Project.

The project, which launched in June 2017, is a partnership between Taste of Game and the Food Teachers Centre and aims to teach 60,000 students how to cook game by 2020.

With game meat sales having risen for the fifth year in a row and now worth £126m* to the UK economy it is essential to continue educating the future generations on how to cook the meat.

The project also trained more than 70 teachers across the country on the program and delivered more than 5,000 pheasants to students.

Annette Woolcock, head of Taste of Game, said: “The number of pheasants requested by schools and pupils has risen substantially, with many students now using game meat as part of their GCSE exams.

“We anticipate the demand will only increase throughout the year, therefore making our target of 60,000 students by the end of next year very achievable.”

BASC chairman Peter Glenser QC said: “It is great to see so many more people introduced to the fantastic taste of game, with many trying it for the first time.

“We should all be doing our bit to champion game meat, which not only tastes delicious but is also healthy and sustainable.”

Using criteria for the skills requirement in exam boards for GCSE’s in England, the Food Teachers Centre and Taste of Game have also ensured that Game, and in particular, pheasant, is now part of the GCSE curriculum.


*Source: Mintel

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